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SNORR is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization



SNORR was founded in 2017 by Jacob Schmidt who noticed a large gap in what the on-road tow business was able and willing to provide vs. what the Off-Road community in Southern Nevada needed. Many OHV enthusiasts were left without help or support when tow trucks turned them down or asked for exorbitant fees to recover their vehicles.

The idea to provide volunteer services to the Off-Road community was born and has since grown into over 60 active volunteers and over 10K local Off-Road followers.  We service a 400-mile radius and are available to the public 24/7

Our focus on rescue and recovery services has quickly grown into additional support for the Off-Road community including Off-Road safety classes, partnerships with local and federal Law Enforcement, and community service events.

In the spring of 2020, SNORR was granted non-profit status as a federal and state 501(c)(3) organization. Our operation is funded primarily by donations and through regularly scheduled low cost classes on off-road recovery basics.


Southern Nevada off-road recovery (SNORR) believes in everyone safely exploring our beautiful state of Nevada.  Whether they are experienced off-roaders or a weekend warrior, we believe everyone deserves to come home safely from a day of off-road activities. We will be there for them regardless of what may happen to their vehicle or the situation that may unexpectedly arise. We are committed to providing a high level of training, service, and support anytime anyone needs us to recover their vehicle safely or help educate the community. 


Southern Nevada off-road recovery (SNORR) will help educate the public by providing the tools needed to stay safe off-road, properly use recovery tools, and protect the environment when off-road. SNORR will support our local community and Law Enforcement professionals to assist in recovering disabled vehicles off the road and safely return them from the trails to the street, where they can be driven, repaired, or towed back home. SNORR is an active partner in the community, supporting off-road enthusiasts at any stage of their level of expertise.