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Recovery requests

If you are stuck and need our assistance, please be prepared to provide the following information…

  1. Name and Phone Number
  2. Vehicle description
  3. Pictures of your situation
  4. GPS coordinates. Please visit and this site will give you the current GPS coordinates.
  5. Number of People stuck with the vehicle and any medical needs/concerns.
  6. Contact us at 702-706-2330

Other inquiries

Our Location

Service Area

SNORR doesn’t have a physical address, but our operations is centered around Las Vegas, NV and we operate within approximately 4 hours driving distance from Las Vegas.

If you are from the Las Vegas Metropolitan area but off-roading outside of our area of service and don’t know who to contact, you can still contact us and we’ll put you in touch with an appropriate group that can reach you faster.

We maintain relationships with neighboring off-road recovery groups that operate on similar principles. For a more comprehensive list see our community maintained list of off-road groups in the Western US.