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VolunTeer With SNORR


In order to ensure that every recovery is safe we have developed membership levels that allow new volunteers to work their way through the requirements of becoming a fully certified member.

Provisional Member

Member that is verified and has passed an online exam that demonstrates basic recovery knowledge, has attended the SNORR basic off-road safety and recovery 101 class, and meets the minimum gear requirements. These new members will be required to respond to recoveries with other Certified members only and not be allowed to respond solo or without another certified member.

If you have existing recovery experience you can prepare for the exam by going through the recommended reading list, but it’s best to start by attending one of our classes.

Certified member

Member that is verified has passed the online exam that demonstrates basic recovery knowledge, has attended a SNORR off road safety and Recovery 101 Class, and actively participated in a minimum of 3 active recoveries where the SNORR Recovery Leads have signed off on their contributions. A Basic Lifesaving CPR and stop the bleed class, Tread Lightly course and a GMRS Radio license issued by FCC are also required. Lastly, these members will attend a certification course hosted by SNORR leadership for the final sign-off.

Required basic recovery gear

  • 2 hard shackles and 2 soft shackles rated at 3x the WLL or a minimum of 18k MBS
  • Hitch shackle receiver or Grade 8 Bolt
  • 8’ tree saver strap, 20’ static tow strap
  • Kinetic Strap/Rope 7/8”
  • Set of two Traction Boards
  • Shovel and Quality Gloves
  • Air compressor, tire deflators (15-20psi idea for general off road)
  • Basic Tools for your vehicle, Appropriate Lift/Jack, Emergency tire valves, Tire patch/plug kit
  • First Aid Kit including and tourniquet, Flashlight, Fire Extinguisher
  • Handheld GMRS Radio programed with current SNORR frequencies.

Get Started

If you are ready to start your journey as a SNORR volunteer, follow these steps to get started.

If you’re not sure, start by attending one of our training classes and you can discuss volunteering options with us at that time.

Join Facebook GROUP

Start by joining the SNORR group on Facebook if you haven’t already. Indicate that you are interested in volunteering.

Read Membership Guide and Take the Test

Read the SNORR Membership Testing Guide for up to date information and a link to the online test.