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learn how to use your off-road recovery equipment

SNORR Recovery training

Essential Equipment

Over the course of performing thousands of recoveries we have found the following equipment to be invaluable when traveling off-road. For more information on more advanced equipment and recovery techniques, see our training classes.

Food and Water

Even in the best conditions it may be hours before volunteers can reach you, and we’ve had a few occasions where someone was stranded for days before we were called.

First Aid Kit

While at home first responders may be minutes away, that changes in remote areas. Be prepared for common injuries that can occur when off-roading.


People have been stuck for days due to lack of cell coverage. Have a backup communication plan such as a working 2-way radio (GMRS or HAM) or satellite communicator.

Air Compressor

For traction and comfort it’s best to air down when off-roading, and a compressor is a necessary tool to air back up at the end. It can also help add air to a leaking tire to be able to get back to a main road.


Carry tools suitable for your vehicle. A common problem is flat tires so be sure to have the necessary equipment to change your own tire, such as a suitable jack, lug wrench and wheel lock keys. A tire plug kit is also recommended.

Traction Boards

By far the common recoveries in our area are from vehicles stuck in soft gravel or sand. If you have the room in the vehicle, carrying traction boards is a good way to avoid waiting hours for a recovery.