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We Need Your Help

Support SNORR

Every member of SNORR is an unpaid volunteer and recovery requests are supported through individual donations. Individual and corporate donations allow us to continue our mission of providing free recovery assistance to those stranded off-road. Please consider making a donation to support this valuable service to the Southern Nevada off-road community.

Ways To Support Us

Contact us for more information on SNORR and other ways to donate.

Individual Donation

You can make tax-deductible donations to help us carry out our mission. Your donations help to reimburse our volunteer members for fuel costs on long distance recoveries and to replace broken gear.

Employer Matching

Some companies offer donation matching in order to encourage their employees to contribute to charitable organizations, allowing you to multiple the impact of your donation.

Check with your HR department to find out if your employer offers a gift match program.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsors can donate money, recovery gear for training and recoveries or provide our members with discounts to help offset the cost of purchasing recovery gear.

Please contact us to discuss setting up a corporate sponsorship.