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snorr recovery training

Recovery ClassES

Many of us are new to the off-road community, or have gear that we have never used or are looking for some information on what gear to buy and why. This class covers all of that!


  • Basic Gear and what to carry at minimum
  • Hard vs Soft Shackles
  • Different snatch block types and why use them
  • Recovery ropes vs Tow ropes
  • How to winch safely, and basic single, double and two winch techniques
  • Recovery Board demo (please bring your boards to test if you want) 
  • How not to die with a hi-lift.

This is introduction/101 recovery class that can also be used for a Tier 2 sign off! Please take a look at the SNORR Membership and Certifications requirements if you want to learn more about becoming a SNORR member and the test. It’s not required for the class but we’d love everyone to go through the test if possible.

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