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in order to assist

Information we need

Contact Info

For best results we need phone number to communicate with you and coordinate a recovery.

Detailed Location

We need precise GPS coordinates of where your vehicle is located to be able to find it. Visit for an easy way to pull up your GPS coordinates.

vehicle info

We need a description of your vehicle and the current condition to determine what equipment we need to bring.


A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to helping our volunteers understand your situation.

Detailed Location Information

gps coordinates

In order to avoid having our volunteers waste time going to the wrong location we require accurate GPS coordinates for every recovery request. This also helps our dispatchers assess the terrain and determine what kind of vehicles and equipment are needed to respond. Below are two common ways to get GPS coordinates using a mobile phone. If you have not used these methods we recommend you practice doing this now to see your own current location.

Drop a Pin

Mobile apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps will continue to work even without internet access. The easiest way to get the GPS coordinates is to press and hold on the map screen on top of the current location. This will pop up information on the dropped pin, including the GPS coordinates in decimal format. You can copy and paste this information and include it with your recovery request.


FindMeSAR is a public service web application which can provide your coordinates. By using your mobile browser and navigating to you can get your current location. However this will only work if you either have internet access at the location where the vehicle is stuck, or if you have previously loaded the website on your phone.

Don’t just Say You’re Stuck

Vehicle Condition

Being stuck off-road can mean a lot of different things. A 2WD drive sedan that lost traction on soft sand will require different help than a one ton truck buried up to its frame in mud. Our volunteers need to understand what kind of vehicle you have, what condition it is currently in, and whether any special considerations are needed to reach it.

While our volunteers have handled a lot of very complex technical recoveries, on rare occasions we have to decline a recovery request if we determine that we cannot perform it safely.

Damage And Cleanup

Was there any damage to the vehicle that would prevent it from being driven off the trail under its own power? In some cases we can bring spare parts or specialized tools and perform some trail repairs to help get the vehicle back to a roadway for additional help.

In cases where the incident caused damage to the vehicle you are required to clean up any broken glass and spilled fluids and remove any broken parts from the trail. Our ability to help with post-recovery cleanup is limited.

Off-Road Assistance Only

SNORR is not a replacement for road-side assistance plans. We only respond to calls for help on off-road trails where typical tow trucks will not or cannot reach. If the vehicle is inoperable we can only get it to the nearest roadway.

Please maintain adequate towing coverage for road-side assistance.

How To Reach Us

If you need to request help you can reach us a few different ways. Please remember that all of our methods of communications are staffed by volunteers on a best effort basis.

If this is an emergency please dial 911

Facebook Group

By far the best way to request help is to do so via our SNORR Facebook group. For best results join the group in advance of when you need help. Now would be a good time to join.


You can also request for help using Messenger by directly messaging our Facebook page. Even without a Facebook profile you can look up @snorr702 on Messenger.


If you don’t have internet access you can also call us at 702-706-2330. Leave a voice mail with your contact information and one of our members will call you back to collect additional information.