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May 2024 Update

 238 calls for service YTD,  201 of those 238 calls were recovered by SNOR. We had 112 SNOW related recoveries and 109 total recoveries were in the Mount Charleston area. 46 calls were in Lake Mead National Park. We have supported the following agencies YTD:  16 Lake Mead NPS calls, 17 LVMPD calls, and 3 NHP calls.  1200 volunteer hours YTD,  5388 total miles driven to respond.

April 2024 Recovery Update

 YTD thru the end of March we have had 186 total calls for service. That’s 910.5 volunteer hours YTD and 17,172 miles driven (factoring round trip and 2 vehicles responding to each event. 157 recovered by SNORR members (3 tow truck handled, 6 self recovered, 12 recovered by GS, 3 recovered by first responders, and 5 mutual aid) 112 Snow related recoveries:  106 total recoveries were on Mount Charleston area YTD with 79 vehicles that have been recovered during “snow patrol” operations.  26 calls were in Lake Mead recreation area. Interagency Calls: 12 Lake Mead Park Service calls, 13 LVMPD calls and 3 NHP calls.

FOX Trail Trust Grant

SNORR would like to thank the Fox Trail Trust program for approving a grant for 2023 that helped support the continued education of our Southern Nevada off-Road community. In 2023 we were able to host and complete 8 successful SNORR 101 Basic off road safety and recovery classes, educating more than 250 students and local law enforcement partners that year. If you are interested in attending once of these classes, please visit our website to sign up. SNORR Basic Off Road Safety and Recovery Class Join us for an exciting day of off-road adventure at the SNORR Basic Off Road Safety and Recovery Class! Learn valuable skills and techniques to conquer any terrain and stay safe while doing it. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced off-roader, this class is perfect for you. We’ll cover everything from basic safety tips to advanced recovery methods. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your off-road skills and have a blast with fellow enthusiasts. Sign up now and get ready for an unforgettable off-road experience! 

2023 Year in Review

in 2023 SNORR received 554 total calls for service. Out of those 554 calls for service, below is a breakdown how those came in… MOUNT CHARLESTON: 177 vehicles were recovered total for the year (what we call snow patrol) or a passive patrol for stuck vehicles. There were 9 regular active recoveries or calls for help. 186 total vehicles recovered on Mount Charleston. LAKEMEAD: 133 total Lake Mead calls coming in from the INTER-AGENCY dispatch. 911 Assistance: 76 LMICC calls, 25 LVMPD calls, and 9 NHP calls. Total is 110 YTD. TOP 3 SNORR MEMBERS OF THE YEAR 2023:

Looking Back at 2021

2021 marked the 4 year anniversary of SNORR. We have performed 557 recoveries during the year, not including the vehicles recovered as part of regular Snow Patrol runs during snowy days on Mt Charleston

Letter Of Support From Lake Mead National Recreation Area

We have an active agreement with the Lake Mean National Recreation Area, a part of the National Park Service, to perform recoveries of those stranded within the park boundaries. During 2021 we performed over 339 recoveries within the boundaries of the Lake Mead area, a majority of all of the recoveries we performed for the year.